British, handmade, unique.

Once you have selected your preferred combination of colour, bezel, and dial, your Synchronome clock will be hand-assembled at our home in Hay-on-Wye from metal components that are themselves manufactured by hand, using traditional techniques.

Your clock case is made in Britain from a single piece of steel, spun on a lathe and shaped by a highly skilled metal spinner. The solid copper or aluminium bezel, as well as the black circular movement enclosure on the rear, are produced the same way.

Your dial is manually screen printed onto an aluminium disc, also in Britain, using a traditional silkscreen and squeegee. The metal hands are crafted by a specialist family firm in Germany – the only company able to recreate the historic design and the counterweighted minute hand for more accurate timekeeping throughout the hour.

Every element of your clock faithfully reproduces the industrial, all-metal feel of original Synchronome clocks from the early 20th century, right down to the twine connecting the lid of the rear enclosure to its base. The only mass-produced component is the modern, battery-powered quartz movement, which is the highest-quality unit of its type.

Finally, the maker’s plate is hand-stamped with its unique serial number and the date of assembly. These details, in addition to the variances that arise out of artisanal manufacturing processes, make your Synchronome a true one-off. Not produced by a machine, not perfectly and soullessly identical to the one before and the one after, but bespoke, individual, and with a proud story behind it.