FAQ & returns

How are these clocks different from the original Synchronome clocks?

Synchronome originally offered synchronised clock systems, as opposed to individual clocks. A long-case master clock was required to run the wall clocks, which were known as 'slave' dials. Today, Synchronome offers stand-alone wall clocks that need no master. Driven by easy-to-maintain quartz movements, they require only a single AA (R6) battery.

Can you repair or service original Synchronome master clocks or wall dials?

No, we just sell the new ones.

How long will I have to wait for my clock?

We aim to build, test and despatch clocks within three business days of them being ordered through the website. Delivery should usually take a further two or three business days.

 How do I set up my clock?

The clock movement is located inside a black circular enclosure on the rear of the clock case that faithfully recreates the 100-year-old original design, right down to the twine connecting the lid to its base. Pull off the lid and let it hang down while you insert an AA (R6) battery into the movement, following the markings to ensure correct orientation. Rotate the green dial just above the battery to move the clock hands to the correct time, and finally push the lid back on to the enclosure.

How do I hang my clock?

On the rear of the clock is a welded hanging bracket with a circular hole of diameter 10 mm. We recommend using a heavy-duty fixing of whatever type suits your wall, and a screw at least 40 mm long, with 10 mm left protruding from the wall.

What do I do with the packaging?

If you don’t want to keep your clock packaging, tear off the circle of white foam padding on the inside lid before recycling all of the cardboard. The foam is not recyclable, but is itself made of 85% recycled plastic bottles.

How can I tell that my clock was made by hand?

Each Synchronome clock is made individually by hand using traditional techniques, so every clock is slightly different, with tiny distinguishing features that result from these techniques. The maker's plate is also hand-stamped with the serial number and date of manufacture. We take pride in each clock's hand-crafted individuality, while ensuring that nothing impairs its visual appearance on the wall.

How do I return my clock?

If you wish to return your clock, please email us to let us know within 14 days of receiving it. You will then have another 14 days within which to return the clock in its original packaging. Refunds cannot be made for clocks or inner packaging not in re-saleable condition.

What do I do if my clock gets damaged?

If your clock gets accidentally damaged after you receive it – for example if the glass breaks – contact us and we will give you options for getting it back up and running.